For When Your Future Is On The Line

A criminal conviction will change your life. It will close off future opportunities both personally and professionally.

If you work with me as your lawyer, I can help you determine your next steps. To do that, I advise you candidly as to exactly where your case stands and your likelihood for success.

To deliver my assistance most effectively, I take a personalized approach to each legal matter I handle. That means working one-on-one with you to learn the unique facts of your case and to tailor my representation to your individual legal needs.

The Aggressive Representation You Need To Protect Your Rights

At my criminal defense firm, the Law Office of Chris Castanon, I aggressively fight to protect the rights of people throughout Weatherford, Texas, and its surrounding areas. Those cases often involve, for instance:

  • Felony drug crime charges
  • Meth
  • Delivery
  • Drug possession
  • Manufacturing

When advising you, I draw on more than two decades of legal experience as an attorney. That experience provides me with the seasoned legal judgment you need to understand your legal options and how to choose from them wisely. I will help you see how your case might be viewed by a particular judge or prosecutor.

If needed, you can also count on me to put you in contact with a network of resources I maintain for my clients' use. Those resources include social workers as well as medical and rehabilitation professionals.

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Learn more about how I can help you protect your rights against criminal drug charges by calling me at 817-757-4171. You can also contact me online. Se Habla Español.