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A DUI/DWI case is notoriously time-sensitive when it comes to questions about a driver's license suspension. If you are looking to keep your license, then the deadline for doing so can be measured in days.

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Facing charges for a DUI/DWI means you want an attorney who understands the details of how these cases work. A DUI/DWI case involves a number of procedural and evidentiary issues that touch upon constitutional law, and even on the kind of machinery or testing equipment used during your arrest.

I understand the full range of those issues. As a result, I do not have to reinvent the wheel. I hit the ground running when I handle your case, challenging evidence where necessary, examining any field tests, blood tests or Breathalyzers.

My understanding of DUI/DWI cases stems from my more than two decades of experience as a lawyer. When you choose me as your attorney, you get access to the seasoned legal judgment I have developed over those years. I will help you see how a judge or a prosecutor might view your case in light of cases they have handled in the past similar to yours.

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